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MIXTAPE: Oh Yea I Do This Too (The Instrumentals) Volume 2 - Jake Haze

Check Jake Haze interviewed on Voice of the People Magazine

Download your Winning Since 85 wallpapers here

NEW MUSIC: Phillup Banks - I'm High

"Tonight Tonight" (Promo Music Video) by Jake Haze

Make sure you come out to "The Valley Hype" this Friday

Catch Jake Haze performing at The Valley Hype next Friday in Bath, PA

Jake Haze and Vanilla featured on

Zo - Crying In The Backgroundd

The Resume now on DATPIFF

Catch Jake Haze on the Urbanlyfe show today at 7:30pm

FINALLY check Vanilla out in stunning HD here!

TWISTED TUESDAYS (The Mixtape) hosted/mixed by DJ Denva Rich dropping soon!

Catch Jake Haze on Prolifick Radio Tomorrow!

Catch Jake Haze performing in Allentown April 6th

Jake Haze - Vanilla (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Renegade - I'm doing Me (Of A-Town Sound)

Sunken Sounds - Enter The Underground Volume 6