"Lenny H Bravo" now playing on Last.fm+Jango and many more stations plus intercative game debuting here friday!!

Ladies and gents.....Vanilla season is over....It was a hell of a run, but dammit it's been over 6 months, and the song and video performed better than I was ever expecting. So how do I follow that up? I answer your question with a question....Who is Lenny H Bravo? Peep the 2nd single off of "2 Cents and a Dimebag" with the video set to be directed by Asad Videos (@ASADvideo) who has worked with the likes of Young Chris, Bravo, Trey Songz, etc. Plus a new interactive game that will have a major reward for those that figure it out starting friday. Tune into "Lenny H Bravo" below on Last.FM or Soundcloud.