JAKE HAZE, Release Party by Krisp Magazine

 This past Saturday, the "2 Cents & A Dimebag" release party was a big success, bringing record breaking business to Mother's in the Easton square. Krisp Magazine was there to take pictures and get some footage, it was very awesome. Scroll down below for the full article at www.KrispMag.com
Thanks to promotions from Joanne Gass (44js Productions) and the wonderful host JEWLZ, last night (Aug 4, 2012) at Mothers Bar & Grille the show went down! DJ 240 was spinning HOT beats for all the up and coming Rap Artists that took turns spit’in their skills. I will let you decide who you thought KILLED IT! … The Lehigh Valley is breeding and bringing NEW talent to our city(s). I like that fact the Artist from New York City, Philadelphia and California are coming here to the valley allowing our local Artists to gain from their experience.