NEW ALBUM: Broken Year

Newest Masterpiece by yours truly. Collaborations by BlancoDeLaCruz/Blanco Nuclear, Z.Dimention, Jem, Mila.Akilah, Rushen Rullet, Tay Edwards, and more

Links below:
"With such great melodies and forward-thinking sonic aesthetics, you really can’t go wrong with this one." - The Bandcamp Diaries

"Musically, he dives all in and this project encompasses all human emotions.  While we haven't even reached the halfway point of 2020, the album is influenced by 2020's ups and mostly downs." - The Weekly Beat

"It is more heartfelt, substance oriented and expressive than what is typical of this genre. Jake’s delivery is lyrical delivery is relaxed and approachable but still serious in tone." - StepKid Magazine

"Venturing to find some appealing yet exciting artistic treasures, I found myself get swayed by the brilliant artistry of Jake Haze" - Guitaa Magazine

"“Broken Year” shows off Jake Haze’s impressive storytelling ability delivering something that hits hard." - Beach Sloth Magazine